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Fat transfer
What To Expect From a Fat Transfer
Fat transfer uses your body’s own resources to naturally enhance your features, without worrying about adding a foreign substance to your body. A fat transfer is performed by transplanting living fat cells from one area of your body to another.

During the process, it is important to treat the fat cells with extra care, so they remain healthy after they are implanted., because healthy cells mean longer-lasting volume. To ensure a successful transfer, Dr Daskalakis uses a two-step method: Body-jet liposuction Renuvia tm. Body-jet liposuction is a new liposuction method that helps preserve fat cells while making the fat removal process more efficient. This approach is gentle and effective, which minimizes bruising while maximizing results.

The recovery is similar to that of traditional liposuction, and most of the patients appreciate that volume can be removed from an area where it is unwanted and added to another spot where it is really needed.

Who’s Having Fat Transfer?
Fat transfer is designed for those who are interested in augmentation but want a natural solution to their cosmetic concerns. If you are interested in a fat transfer, Dr Daskalakis would be happy to discuss it with you during a personal consultation.

Fat Transfer For The Face
The face is one of the most common areas for a fat transfer. As we age, the face may lose its youthful fullness, leaving us with sunken or sagging features. It can be frustrating to see the volume fade from cheeks, chin and under –eye area. Implants may be too extreme, and fillers are often a temporary solution requiring yearly injections. Fat transfers provide the perfect balance between permanence and convenience for the patient. They can correct some of the major signs of aging while providing a more permanent solution from the dermal fillers. A fat transfer for the face can add volume to the:
Under-eye area

Fat Transfer For The Buttocks
Whether it’s a result of time, genetics or weight loss, your buttocks may not be as full tight and round as you would like. Some plastic surgeons perform buttock implants to add volume, but the implants may look unnatural and can result in complications and aren’t without risk. For this reason, we often recommend far transfer to the buttocks rather than buttock implants. Fat transfer has the added benefit that fat is removed from another area of your body especially the waist, so you can slim that area while augmenting your buttocks, creating a smoother, more contoured body without the risks and complications sometimes associated with implants.

Fat Transfer For The Breasts
Fat transfer can be used for breast augmentation, replacing the need for breast implants in women who want a minimal to moderate enlargement.
The biggest challenge with a fat transfer for the breasts is that a substantial amount of healthy fat cells is need to achieve sufficient augmentation. Dr. Daskalakis meets that challenge by using Body-jet liposuction and Renuvia to ensure that the majority of the fat transferred stays healthy, keeping your breasts looking full and youthful.